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Wide Selection of Car Insurance Shops for Owners

Queconomics – Mobile Grand is a product of the all-risk car insurance shop offered by Allianz. This insurance provides the most complete and hassle-free car protection solution. You can enjoy a full range of features if you buy this product.

For example, the insurance company will provide compensation in the event of theft of a vehicle by a private driver, emergency assistance for 24 hours, and taxi accommodation in case of road damage that causes the car to break down.

If you are in a flood-prone area, you don’t need to worry because Allianz will provide flood protection to the water hammer. Partner workshops that are widely spread also make it easier for you to make vehicle repairs at the location closest to your home.

If another car insurance shop has car and driver coverage objects (plus passengers if you use extended coverage), Avrist OTO comprehensive car insurance is unique in the thing of coverage.

In addition to motorized vehicles carrying passengers, the object of this insurance coverage also includes:

  • Buses and tourism vehicles.
  • Motorized vehicles are carrying goods.
  • Motorcycles (if they are an integral part of the car).

The Car Insurance Shop You Can Choose

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Through AXA Mandiri Mobil Comprehensive, the insurance company AXA Mandiri makes it easy for customers to compensate for repair costs, both major and minor damage to the risks contained in the policy.

You don’t need to think about the cost if there is car damage caused by various collisions, collisions, overturning, slipping, other people’s evil deeds, theft, even fire. There is also protection against third-party legal liability, which makes you more relaxed having been covered by this insurance.

Not only towing services but all problems that often occur on the road, such as flat tires, hot engines, battery problems, and left keys, will be served 24 hours a day by insurance.

With a coverage period of 1 year, AXA Mandiri Mobil Comprehensive covers all vehicles with a maximum age of 10 years. BCA’s all-risk car insurance shop compensates for various risks such as collisions, malicious acts, theft, fire, and all other losses. 

There is also a complete expansion coverage covering hurricanes, storms, hail, floods, and landslides. With affordable BCA all risk car insurance costs, easy premium payments, and an easy and fast process, this car insurance from BCA is quite recommended.

Choose a Trusted Insurance Provider

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The cost required to get a car insurance shop’s benefits is more significant than TLO insurance, but it is comparable to the benefits obtained. Customers need to pay a fee of IDR 250 thousand to IDR 1 million depending on the package chosen.

There are three choices of Raksa all-risk car insurance packages, namely Raksa Gold Club, Raksa Silver Club, and Raksa Mobil Club. Raksa Gold Club provides coverage above US$ 70,000.

Raksa Silver Gold provides coverage under US$ 70,000. Meanwhile, Raksa Mobil Club provides facilities for customers to submit insurance claims from the nearest place. These three types of insurance provide easy insurance claim benefits and 24-hour customer care services.

Comes with three package options, Otomate Smart, Otomate, and Otomate Solitaire, comprehensive car insurance from ACA provides exceptional services in replacement cars (max. 5 days).

With this service, you don’t need to be confused about finding other transportation alternatives when your car is wholly damaged or needs repairs for more than one day.

You can also enjoy the new for old feature, a unit replacement service when your new car, which is the same or less than six months old (especially for the solitaire package, the max car age is 12 months) from the date of purchase, is stolen or completely damaged.

You can also enjoy other services such as cranes, ambulances, service centres, and warranty services. If you prefer sharia-based insurance, there are various choices of car insurance shops that you can choose from.