Registered Investment Advisor: What You Need to Know

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Queconomics¬†– When you need help making an investment-related decision, you can ask for help from a registered investment advisor or RIA. They can also assist you in managing your investment portfolio. Their job, in general, is to direct you in choosing a combination of investments that can be profitable for …

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Getting to Know Impact Investment that is Trending Worldwide

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Queconomics – The trend of impact investment occurs because investors get a lot of benefits from this investment model. This investment is an investment approach with the aim of reducing the negative effects of business activities that may occur on the environment and society. Because this investment brings positive environmental …

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Reasons to Use the First Investment Financial Services

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Queconomics – Using first investment financial services can help your investment problems, both individual and corporate investments. First investment has experts in the investment field who can help you plan carefully to achieve your investment goals. The team will develop the best strategy and strengthen you in making financial decisions. …

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Reasons Why Investment Bank is Different from Commercial Bank

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Queconomics – There are several reasons why investment banks are different from commercial banks. The two banks perform several different functions and regulations, of course, in the economic field, but both have almost the same services as their respective clients. Commercial banking offers their client a variety of loan and …

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Get to Know What Investment Fraud Attorney Handle

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Queconomics – An investment fraud attorney handles various issues related to fraud that may occur in the investment world. If the investment is large, then the loss felt if exposed to fraud is also very large. Being a person who invests assets, of course, hopes for growth in these investments. …

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These are the Investment Advisor Duty and Responsibility

Queconomics – An investment advisor can be defined as a party, either an individual or a group, tasked with providing investment recommendations and conducting securities analysis in exchange for fees from clients. This reward can be through direct management of customer/client assets or written publications. They will carry out their …

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Get to Know Impact Investment and Its Benefits

Queconomics – Impact investment refers to investments whose vision and mission are not only to prioritize returns on a profit basis but also to balance returns in the form of social and environmental impacts. This kind of investment is not only aimed at institutional investors, but also individuals who may …

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