How Much Investment Bank Starting Salary that You Can Get

Queconomics – Have you ever imagined how much investment bank starting salary is? Jobs as an investment banker are in great demand because of the very high salary. However, the high salary is in line with the job which is quite complicated.

The salary of a banker varies according to the division he works in. However, as a fresh graduate, one can earn up to 100 thousand USD in a year as an investment banker.

If calculated by hourly wages, then the investment bank starting salary for an analyst can earn around 25 USD to 35 USD, with working hours reaching 100 hours a week. An investment banker is known to have very high working hours.

The salary given is also in accordance with the position, the more senior the salary will be higher. In addition, an investment banker will get two incomes in the form of basic salary and bonuses.

At the analyst level, a banker can get a bonus of up to 100% of salary. The higher the position, the bonus earned can be doubled beyond the main salary. For example, a manager director at an investment bank can receive a bonus of up to 10 million USD.

Why Investment Bank Starting Salary is High

There are several reasons why their starting salary is high. Just graduated from university, an investment banker can earn up to 10 thousand USD per month. This is because the job as an investment banker is not easy.

Working in an investment bank requires a banker to be involved in important transactions with a nominal amount that is not small. This requires them to have adequate skills to do each job.

An investment banker must be smart, tenacious, agile and a hard worker. Due to the high level of qualifications and difficulty of the work, it is natural for them to get high compensation as well.

Their working hours are also quite high, up to 100 hours a week, so you can imagine how busy being an investment banker is. Because of the long working hours, it can be said that their hourly earnings are not that great.

Being an investment banker is not easy, in fact it requires an adequate level of education in accounting and business so that you can become a proficient investment banker, hence the investment bank starting salary is high.

Registering for this position must also be done with a lot of consideration and learning so that the data can compete with other prospective bankers.

Skills an Investment Banker Must Have

As previously stated, being an investment banker must have adequate skills. A graduate from a major in banking and accounting economics can become an investment banker or analyst.

One of the most basic skills that must be possessed is the ability to create a financial model. In addition, knowledge related to business strategy will also be very useful if you work in this field.

A banker, especially an analyst, must understand how to use excel well because a lot of their work will be done using this application. Therefore, it must also be supported by a strong accounting understanding.

They will spend a lot of their time struggling with excel in creating financial modeling to support transactions that take place in the economy. Accuracy to detail is also one of the skills that must be possessed.

Analysts often have to work in the morning hours, especially when they are involved in an important transaction or deal with a client. That way, being an investment banker, whether it’s an analyst or other positions, must have a high work passion.

It can be concluded that being an investment banker is not an easy job. Even though the investment bank starting salary is high, the workload and responsibilities that must be carried are also very large.