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Learning Lunar Highway Crypto and Mastered the Trading

Queconomics – Investing in crypto assets, such as Lunar Highway crypto, has indeed become popular lately. Many people are curious about this new cryptocurrency, so it has become trending on various social media.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that is guaranteed by cryptography. Meanwhile, another definition of cryptocurrency is a currency that is used to transact one person with another online. This currency is gaining popularity not only in Indonesia but also abroad.

As of February 2020, there are 10 countries whose people have large amounts of cryptocurrency. Nigeria dominates the position with a percentage of 34 percent followed by Vietnam and the Philippines with a percentage of 21 percent and 20 percent.

Nigerians use their smartphones to use and send money through transactions in various shops. And in that country, crypto money is commonly used for payment options in online stores. Therefore, Nigerians are very familiar with crypto money.

Getting to Know the Terms in Lunar Highway Crypto

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In simple terms, crypto money can be interpreted as digital money. But when you want to invest in cryptocurrency some important terms must be understood.

A bull market is a term used when market conditions are rising. A bear market is a term used when the market is declining. FOMO or Fear of Missing Out is a term used to describe beginner traders who follow others easily.

Pump and Dump are used to describe the strategies that crypto investors are currently pursuing. The pump is used when the price is rising. While the dump is the term used when the price is falling.

A whale is used to refer to those who have large amounts of Lunar Highway crypto, at least 5 percent of all digital assets held in the crypto market. FUD or Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt are strategic terms used by investors if they want to lower the price.

HODL is used for scrambled wordplay or anagrams. Rekt is used to refer to a losing player. In investing, this term is used for those who make the wrong decisions. For example, selling when prices are low and buying when prices are high.

No Coiner is used to describe people who do not own crypto assets or for those who sell all the cryptocurrencies they own. To The Moon describe cryptocurrencies that are on the rise and even reach peaks ranging from value to some sales.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lunar Highway Crypto

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Apart from creating pros and cons, crypto money has several advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage is that it is universal. It means that the whole world knows and uses this currency. There are no special requirements to own it, unlike the banking system.

The transaction system is fast. Transaction in cryptocurrency is really fast, only about a few minutes to an hour. Compared to transactions made between international banks that require more than a day.

Transparency is clear. Every crypto owner can see the transactions he has made. All transactions are presented in the form of numbers, which means you cannot know who the transaction was made by, but you can know the number of transactions made.

It can be controlled by yourself. All responsibility of Lunar Highway crypto belongs to each individual. Crypto users also have the power to manage their cryptocurrency and are responsible for it.

Besides the advantages, crypto also has some disadvantages. First, it is crime-prone. Many people often use this digital money for illegal transactions. What is worrying is that you cannot trace these transactions, so they do not know who did it.

If you forget your password, you can lose money. The next drawback is quite worrying, especially for those of you who are very forgetful. It is very risky for the crypto money in your account if you forget your password.

Some of them called it illegal. There are still countries that consider this cryptocurrency illegal and cannot be used for transactions. In some countries, Lunar Highway crypto is allowed, but it is still closely monitored.