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Importance of Shop Car Insurance Claims for Owners

Queconomics – When you buy a new car, you will get shop car insurance. If the process is carried out correctly and the completeness of the documents is fulfilled, a car insurance claim is now easy to do.

When making a car insurance claim process, insurance customers are subject to risk (usually abbreviated as OR). The amount depends on the insurance company’s policy and is also regulated by OJK, which is Rp. 300,000 for each event.

In general, the first step to making a car insurance claim in an accident is to take a photo of the damaged part of the car. The existence of an image can be used as evidence when making an insurance claim. After that, the next process can follow the following general procedures:

Contacting the shop car insurance will prepare essential documents in filing a claim, such as an insurance policy letter, driver’s license, ID card, and a police certificate if the vehicle is badly damaged in an accident or is subject to a criminal act.

After all the requirements are considered complete and meet all the insurance provisions, you need to bring the car to the workshop partner of the insurance.

How to Claim Shop Car Insurance

Do not try to repair the car at a workshop that is not an insurance partner because the claim may be rejected. The last procedure in submitting a claim is to be asked to fill out the form as clearly as possible.

The form to be filled out usually contains detailed accident data, both the time and place. For that, fill it honestly because the insurance or repair shop will know if you are lying.

It will affect because if there is only one data that contradicts what happened in the field, it is very likely that the shop car insurance claim will be rejected.

After all the data is filled in, it’s just a matter of asking the repair shop about the length of time in repairing the vehicle. For minor damage 1-2 days, they will finish it, but if the damage is very severe, it may take weeks or even up to a month.

The ease of the car insurance claim process should make vehicle owners aware of the vehicle’s risks and finally protect themselves by buying insurance products. For convenience in choosing insurance products, here’s how to calculate shop car insurance premiums to increase knowledge.

Make Sure to Take Care of Insurance Properly

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Now the premium provisions have been regulated by the OJK (Financial Services Authority), so there is no longer a tariff war that tends to make prospective insurance customers feel deceived.

The rules are contained in the OJK Circular Letter Number: SE-06/D.05/2013 concerning the Determination of Premium Rates. The amount of premium depends on the area of ​​​​the vehicle operating.

Region II covers West Java, Jakarta, Banten; Region I covers the islands around Sumatra, and Region III covers all areas in the State of Indonesia and is not included in Regions I and II.

Another consideration that determines the premium other than the area is the vehicle’s selling price—the more expensive the car, the smaller the premium percentage.

The reviews above provide an overview of several things that affect the number of premiums to adjust your needs according to your budget. The premium cost is not expensive, and you must change it to the needs and the type of insurance needed.

Insurance companies are also required to apply an additional premium as a risk fee of at least Rp. 300 thousand per event. For that, you can ask more about shop car insurance when you buy a car.