What Is Full Coverage Car Insurance for Car Owners

Queconomics – What are full coverage car insurance, increasingly affordable car prices on the market and the importance of community mobility? It makes the vehicle no longer included in the category of tertiary goods (luxury).

Almost everyone needs this private transportation as the main mobility. It’s not just the rich who own a car, and the middle-class community has now started to make a car a vital necessity.

Therefore, it is natural that we must protect what is essential in our lives, such as health, shelter, including vehicles. So what protection is suitable for our car? You can choose two choices of vehicle insurance: all-risk car insurance and TLO (total loss only).

As the name implies, all-risk car insurance will protect your car from all possible risks, ranging from accidents, natural disasters, damage due to riots/riots, even when someone steals your car!

Knowing What is Full Coverage Car Insurance

The benefits of all-risk car insurance include:

  • Protecting cars from all risks and guaranteeing protection against all types of accidents.
  • Ranging from minor to severe.
  • Loss during unintentional causes (e.g. theft).

ABDA’s all-risk car insurance provides comprehensive protection for types of passenger vehicles, freight vehicles, and buses. The maximum vehicle value covered by this insurance is IDR 1.5 billion with an annual premium.

There is an expansion of protection covered by ABDA, including the risk of flooding, earthquakes, riots or riots, terrorism, and sabotage. Official workshops that handle car damage are spread throughout Indonesia.

Adira has two different packages for comprehensive car insurance, namely the Autocillin Comprehensive Package and the Autocillin Comprehensive Plus Package. 

So, what is complete coverage car insurance packages? In addition to car damage and loss, you can also get protection for third-party liability to a personal accident.

There Are Sharia Options from Insurance Providers

In addition to the comprehensive coverage, you can also enjoy various other exciting features such as vehicle registration renewal services. In addition to offering conventional vehicle insurance, Adira also has a sharia insurance product called Autocillin Ikhlas.

Support for partner workshops accompanied by a 6-month warranty for all work and a guarantee for the authenticity of spare parts, pick up delivery services, towing cars, ambulances, to emergency roadside assistance.

With additional services in the Autocillin mobile claim application and service, you can submit a claim via cellphone or visit mobile service units spread across various strategic points.

This sharia product provides guarantees and protection for cars according to Islamic law to free them from usury elements.

All risk sharia car insurance is equipped with the best features, such as Emergency Roadside Assistance, Autocillin Mobile Claim Application, and Autocillin Mobile Service. That way, you will know what full coverage car insurance is.