Knowing Several Swing Trading Crypto in Indonesia

Queconomics – Currently, swing trading crypto has become increasingly popular. It triggered the cryptocurrency business opportunity in Indonesia. Until now, many companies have introduced their crypto assets.

So, at this time, crypto assets are not something familiar anymore. Everyone is getting to know cryptocurrency. There are several cryptocurrencies in Indonesia, such as Toko Token (TKO), XAU Token, and many others.

Toko Token (TKO) is issued by the company Tokocrypto. The TKO, launched last March, has also received an official permit recognized by the government. TKO is also the first cryptocurrency in Indonesia that provided a hybrid model, and they are the DeFi and Ceci utilities.

The development of these latest features provides new features like saving and staking services on the network. Through these features, TKO investors will earn interest as much as worth their investment duration. 

Swing Trading Crypto of Toko Token (TKO) in Indonesia

According to the crypto news, TKO is now ranked 245 with a USD233 million market cap. And for the price movement, TKO reached the all-time high at 4.8 US dollars per coin last month.

Also, at the exact moment, the other price of cryptocurrency is going high. According to Tokocrypto’s PR Head, Rieka Handayani, their party will develop the TKO utility following the compliance side of the existing Indonesia regulations. 

Even though TKO had corrected after reaching ATH, Rieka said she did not worry because the price expected the correction in the global market. He believes that the TKO potential that will be green along with the positive support from the investors.

Moreover, TKO was born from the community and for the community. Besides that, there is Zipmex (ZMT) Token owned by Zipmex Exchange. According to their whitepaper, ZMT was initially created to improve and promote their ecosystem.

As well as providing benefits and rewards to the Zipmex investors. Now swing trading crypto ZMT also facilitates the owners to do staking and gain tips of ZipUp, which can increase cashback if you use ZipPay.

They offer a 3-month staking period and 16 per cent of Annual Presentation Yield (APY). According to the news of, this token was at USD2.78 last month. The total market cap is 166 million US dollars.

Another Famous Swing Trading Crypto in Indonesia XAU Token

XAU Token was one of the most famous crypto assets in Indonesia, which Xaurius made. Team gold is the underlying asset. Assumed to the stable coin concept, the XAU has a real asset value, where 1 gr of Antam gold equals 1 AUX.

Director of Xaurius, Nicco DL, said that the creative background of the XAU was his attempt to switch the gold industry and create a blockchain-based infrastructure. It will go as imagined.

Gold tokenization via blockchain will ensure transparency and safety. They offered the advantages of XAU Token. It can facilitate gold by swing trading crypto transactions. Also, they will send the gold instantly. 

For security, he informs that all the XAU gold has been certified. Also, the gold will be kept in a safe belonging to Mauritius. They will be audited by a third party every two months. So no need to worry.

No the same as the TKO, you cannot buy XAU tokens directly through exchanges. It only can be purchased through their official website. Also, Xaurius fully understand that their party is now exploring XAU token on some crypto assets. 

There are many other cryptocurrencies in Indonesia. All of them, which have an official permit by Bappebti, was built and developed by a vast company. You better watch out for choosing the best swing trading crypto money.