Peachtree Financial, the Solution for Settlement Payments

Peachtree Financial, the Solution for Settlement Payments

Queconomics – Peachtree financial is among the largest structured settlement companies reaching $1 billion in revenue in 2019. It is a top choice since the website clearly explains the selling process of a settlement to the company.

In addition to the structured settlement, this company also buys payouts from lottery winnings and annuities. The most common financial purchases are wrongful death settlements, medical malpractice, and personal injury.

The pros are that this company gives a special representative for each client. It also pays by direct deposit or checks and promises to improve customer service. The con is that it needs up to six months between starting a contract and receiving the payment.

Structured Settlement Service

There is a selling service from the company with a monthly payment (or periodically at a certain time) from a structured settlement for individuals. They can make a lump sum payout by selling those payments in exchange.

This cash can be used to buy a house, start a business, pay off debt, or for other reasons. Customers will be guided through the sales settlement process by the company and obtain the necessary court approvals to do so.

Peachtree financial does not offer tax, legal, investment, or financial advice. In these areas, clients will not be encouraged to seek advice from specialists before a structured settlement sale is pursued.

Purchasing Options for Structured Settlement

All future structured settlement payments can be sold at once with this company. Or you can get one payment by using a partial sale while maintaining the income monthly from the settlement.

There is no structured settlement company that buys payment by paying dollar by dollar. The company makes a profit from the discount of the payment value.

1.      Complete Purchase and Limited Payouts Amount

All of your remaining settlement payments will be purchased by the company. If you need cash without losing the security of the regular structured settlement payments, some of your future payments can be sold.

For example, a consumer with a structured settlement of 40 years suffers from an illness that threatens his life 10 years after receiving payment. There will be certain regulations that apply.

With 30 years remaining in progress, the last 15 years of client’s payments can be purchased by the company. So, he will have enough cash to pay his medical bills.

The client will continue receiving 15 years of settlement payments. The company will take over the payments that are worth the last 15 years.

2.      Payment Portion

A portion of each monthly payment can be sold by clients. For example, a person receives a monthly structured settlement payment of $1,500, he/she can sell $500 of it each month.

Besides the lump-sum amount from the company, clients also get $1,000 each month ahead of the structured settlement.

What is Paid by Peachtree Financial for Structured Settlements?

The company offers various pays based on several factors. Include inflation adjustment and time value of money calculations. So, offerings are different for each client.

Between a structured settlement and a non-standardized company, these formulas will be variation. The industry average discount rate is between 7% and 29% and you are offered a great deal at 10%.

Throughout the process of settlement purchasing, the client will work with an assigned person from Peachtree. Every time you call you do not need to explain your case.

The assigned person is a representative who know the details of your case. The sale process can be completed in months and involves five steps.

  1. The selling of structured settlements is decided by a client.
  2. The client contacts peachtree financial
  3. Offer for purchase determined.
  4. The client agrees with the quoted terms and decides to proceed.
  5. Court hearing.
  6. Funds will be given for the client after court approval.

Not everyone chooses selling a structured settlement as the right decision. But it is a good choice to cooperate with peachtree financial if you need to use a large amount of money.