How to Calculate the Margin Required Forex Correctly

Queconomics – The margin required forex is another thing that you should know in the industry. The traders must not ignore it since it is a crucial thing. Before everything, make sure to know the definition.

Margin is labeled as the good faith deposit. It is especially to open a position in a trading. Usually, it is represented as a percentage form such as the 0.5%, 2%, 1%, 0.25%, etc.

Based on that aspect, you could calculate the maximum leverage that is used with the trading account. Usually, the amount of that term is arranged by the broker, so make sure to ask about that first.

Why Calculate the Margin Required Forex is Important?

What is the margin calculation? In fact, that is a deposit that you put up in order to make your position secure. Basically, that is not costly or free, but that can make your account is better.

It is able to ensure that the account can handle all types of trading that are making. You should know that the value to put depends on the amount of a trading. What is the ideal value?

Some experts recommended for not putting too much amount there. The reason is that you could lose all the money if that trade is not working. There is an interesting fact to know.

In 1929, that becomes the big reason of why the stock traders lost their money really much. It is better to consider everything before trading and make that event as an important lesson.

The Formula for Calculating It Properly

Calculating the margin required forex is not that hard. You can do that by multiplying the size of a trade by the percentage used. After that, subtract the value used for the whole trades.

That is counted from the remaining equity of the account that you has. The final figure is the value amount which is left. You may want to get the position for a currency in the market.

The major or general currencies are maybe not the same with what you have. The cause is that the requirement for this type of trading can be counted from the different currencies.

In fact, that makes the margin calculation is sometimes harder to do. The example is when you want to trade in GBP and JPY. Meanwhile, you use the USD in your account.

The Real Example to Know

In the case above, let us say that you decided to have a position with ten thousand units of currency. The meaning is that you as a trader is buying 10,000 GBP and that against the JPY.

It seems that you pay in JPY and buy in GBP. However, the real thing to do is that you are buying the JPY with your USD. The margin required forex is going to be calculated in the USD.

However, that can be counted in your main currency as well as long as the broker is concerned. So, the clear formula to have in calculating that value by using your account currenxy is simple.

The margin requirement = ((base currency : account currency) x units) / leverage. To calculate everything properly, make sure that you know every parts of that calculation.

Revealing Each Part from the Calculation

Based on the case and formula above, you can find some terms such as the base, account, and the quote currency. To get ghe right calculation make sure that you know the part.

The account currency is the GBP, the quote is JPY based on the example above. At the first time, everything is maybe looked so hard. As time goes by, you will get used to do that calculation.

If you are not sure enough about how to calculate that, it is better to ask a help from someone. That will be beneficial to get the right amount of the margin required forex.