Investment Bank Starting Salary and What They Do

Queconomics – Many people want to know the investment bank starting salary and what they do. Investment bankers often work as part of financial institutions and are primarily concerned with raising capital for companies, governments, or other entities.

If an investment banker is affiliated with a company, they will assist in large and complex financial transactions. This includes arranging acquisitions, mergers, or sales for a client or group of clients.

The core duties also include issuing securities as a way to raise money. Such involves creating detailed documentation for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which companies must go public.

An investment banker can save clients time and money by identifying the risks associated with a particular project before the company moves forward. They also help price financial instruments and navigate regulatory requirements.

When a company holds an initial public offering (IPO), the investment bank will often buy all or much of the company’s shares outright, acting as an intermediary.

The Investment Bank Starting Salary and Their Job

Jobs as an investment banker are indeed much sought after by university graduates. This is because the salary is quite large even for someone who has just worked as an analyst in the first year.

As an illustration, a first-year analyst will receive a salary of 6 thousand USD to 12,500 USD per month. So what jobs should an investment banker do? Here is the review:

Data management

Investment bankers in their routine are constantly dealing with numbers and data. The nature of the job requires an investment manager to master calculations based on numbers and data.

Financial analysis

The primary responsibility of an investment banker is to process and interpret the data collected so that Financial analysis can draw conclusions about the projected market and economic conditions in the future.


Investment bankers ideally act as bridges or intermediaries between clients and financial markets. Sometimes investment banks also assist customers.

Client management

Investment bankers either as a team or personally act as intermediaries or bridges with customers and customers’ business entities.

One of the highest positions an investment banker can attain is managing director, and at this level, they work almost exclusively to bring in new business.

As investment bankers move up their bank hierarchy, their base salary increases, but their potential for bonus income increases even more,

Despite getting a large salary, the work and responsibilities as an investment banker are not small. The amount of investment bank starting salary is following the workload given.