Get to Know Shop Car Insurance and its Various Companies

Queconomics – In Indonesia, If you have a car, then you need to shop for car insurance. Well, the type of all-risk car insurance is widely considered the best choice because it protects from various risks.

So that you don’t choose the wrong car insurance service provider, let’s read more about the best all-risk car insurance provider that has been recognized by many users.

Motor vehicle insurance from the State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Jasa Raharja Putera, known as JP-Astor. This car insurance is recognized as one of the best car insurances with low premium prices.

In addition to having an all-risk car insurance service, JP-Astor has a Total Lost Only (TLO) insurance service. JP-Astor is one of the longest known car insurance companies in Indonesia, with dozens of branch offices throughout Indonesia.

Shop Car Insurance That You Can Trust

There are also many workshop partners from JP-Astor to maximize service for customers. In addition, submission of car insurance or claims from JP-Astor can now be made online.

It is not wrong to say that Sinar Mas car insurance under the name Simasnet is one of the best all-risk car insurances in Indonesia. Make sure you can shop car insurance from a trusted provider.

Simasnet service allows customers to submit claims directly to the workshop that cooperates when the car is damaged. Not only all-risk or TLO car insurance, but Simasnet can also provide combined services.

For example, all-risk car insurance with Third Party Liability (TPL), namely protection against obligations or responsibilities to third parties. We can also choose TLO with TPL or just choose TPL.

Car insurance provider Garda Oto was founded in 2013. However, in a not too long period, Garda Oto received recognition from survey institutions in Indonesia as one of the best car insurances.

Many Choices of Trusted Insurance Providers

One of Garda Oto’s superior services is all-risk car insurance, TLO, TPL insurance, as well as the expansion of riots and natural disasters.

There are various conveniences offered by Garda Oto car insurance, such as easy claims using the Garda Mobile Otocare application, home surveys, and pickup delivery services, and e-policy that can be issued in 1×24 hours.

In addition, Garda Siaga’s 24-hour Emergency Road Assistance (ERA) service is available for Garda Oto car insurance owners and partners in more than 500 trusted repair shops throughout Indonesia.

Allianz insurance company is one of the internationally recognized insurance companies. There are various Allianz insurance products in Indonesia, including car insurance called Asuransi Allianz Umum – Mobilku.

Allianz Mobilku Insurance offers three types of insurance that we can choose according to our needs, namely Allianz Mobilku Grand, which offers complete protection. Be a wise car user and owner by shop car insurance.