First Investment Financial, Let Money Works for You

First Investment Financial, Let Money Works for You

Queconomics – Starting a first investment financial is an option chosen by many people since it can improve their wealth. Financial freedom is something pursued by people. One of the best ways to reach it is by letting money work for you.

That way you will easily get everything you want and what you want. You can apply this method in an easy way and of course using the right tricks.

First Investment Financial, Direct Equity

Stock investment may not be pursued by everyone. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea because of its volatility and has no return guarantee. Further, it is difficult to choose the right stock, timing exit and entry is not easy. The only way is equity.

It can deliver a higher return than other asset classes that adjusted to inflation. At the same time, the risk of losing most or even all of your capital is high unless one chooses the stop-loss method to reduce losses.

In stop-loss, an order is placed in advance to sell the stock at a certain price. To reduce risk to some extent, you can diversify across market and capitalizations sectors. To invest equity directly, a demo account must be opened.

Real Estate

Your house is not an investment since it is a place where you are living. But if there is any intention to not live in it, you can make first investment financial of your second property.

The property location is an essential thing that determines your property value. It can affect the rental cost. Real estate investment can generate money in two ways.

The first is rental, and the second is capital appreciation. However, real estate is more liquid compared to other assets classes. Another big risk is to get regulatory approvals.


Owning jewelry as a form of gold has certain concerns such as high costs and safety and there is “making charges”. It can range from 6 to 14 percent of the gold’s cost.

And even for special designs, it can be up to 25 percent. For those who want to choose gold coins, there are several options. Today, many banks sell gold. Paper gold is an alternative way to own gold. Paper gold investments can be made through gold ETFs and are more cost-effective.

Such investment which is selling and buying occurs on BSE or NSE (the stock exchange) with the underlying asset (gold). An investor can choose gold mutual funds.

The world goes round because of money. Your money has a job as well as you. As you work hard to earn it, it has to work hard for your first investment financial.