Financial Business Degree, Kind of Careers You Can Pursue

Financial Business Degree, Kind of Careers You Can Pursue

Queconomics – There are various careers you can pursue with a financial business degree. Basically, the finance field has three main categories which are personal, corporate, and industry.

From investment banking, financial planning, to insurance, they are pursuing a career in the financial field with a financial degree powering the world. Here is the top list of financial business careers.

Commercial Banking

Commercial banking provides a wide range of financial services like multiple loan options, checking accounts, and saving accounts. The average salary of this career is $92,983.

Growing in this career can be done in various ways. Many graduates start their careers from bank tellers and improving to branch managers.

Investment Banking

This financial career is a high-intensity field that involves the trading and sales of corporate securities. It also provides in-depth advice to individuals and companies.

The average salary of investment banking is $96,534. People who work in this career are responsible for the duty associated with trading bonds and stock on the stock market.

Financial Planner

A financial planner holds the duty to create a finance plan and make sure that the client’s current and future finances are properly managed. A client can discuss savings and investing strategies to achieve the goal.

The average salary for this job is $61,830. They are generally working within a national or local firm and must have the CFP certification (certified financial planner).

Insurance Agent

Working within this financial business degree makes you easily explore various aspects of finance in one job. You can work as a customer service specialist, or an insurance sales representative.

You can calculate probabilities and risks of financial trends for your clients to help them with their financial objectives. The average salary for this job is $37,667

Public Accounting

Public accounting is another career in accounting majors. They work with both corporations and individuals to prepare income tax, audit clients’ records and maintain financial transactions. The average salary for public accountings is $63,907. They generally work in large or small firms depending on their clients.

Venture Capitalist

This career holds a great opportunity to explore financial expansion for start-up or small companies. The average salary for venture capitalists is $92,406.

If you choose this career, you are responsible to determine whether your firm will invest in those companies with the hope that their shares will be traded publicly on the stock market.

When it comes to the finance world, the most popular aspect associated is the ability to get a job quickly. It is highly dependent on your skill and knowledge, and surely, your financial business degree.