Price Prediction and Ethereum is Having a Good Potential

Queconomics – In addition to stock price predictions, price predictionis also on the rise. Not only in Indonesia but throughout the world. The increasing public interest in investment is also a driving factor.

Currently, there are many crypto assets in Indonesia. However, not all of them have official permission from CoFTRA. Crypto assets that have high popularity in Indonesia are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, Binance, and many more.

Crypto asset price movements have remained mixed in the past week. However, Indodax Market Signal sees the potential for several crypto assets to advance, one of which is Ethereum. The price is starting to re-enter the bullish signal this week.

Other cryptocurrencies are predicted to follow suit. However, the movement of Bitcoin is not expected to give a bullish signal. Bitcoin and Ethereum price movements or charts often show similarities. Price Prediction: Bitcoin, Theta, and Waves Moves In Recent Months

Launching or releasing price forecasts set on, in the past week, large-cap crypto-assets such as Bitcoin recorded a decline of more than 7.5%, followed by Ethereum, which fell more than 1%, Tether rose 0.2%, Binance coin up almost 5% and Cardano fell. 7%, on last month’s trading.

Theta Fuel (Fuel) showed an excellent movement with rising prices that occurred last week. The assets are owned by Theta TV, which is a platform for gamers and music.

The Theta blockchain platform has recently announced several upgrades and supports non-fungible tokens or non-duplicated tokens (NFT). The move boosted demand for Theta tokens. This week, Fuel gave a bullish signal. The price range at the beginning of the week ranged from IDR6,100 to IDR7,000.

The Theta price prediction is also showing a price rise. This asset is also part of the Theta TV platform, so both Theta and TFuel show a bullish trend until next week. Last week, the price ranged from IDR125 thousand to IDR135 thousand.

Waves are predicted to rise in the next week. Waves is a decentralized blockchain platform that focuses on the broad application of blockchain. Among them is fundraising, making financial tokens, to buying and selling digital cryptocurrency assets.

Waves is an open blockchain platform that allows users to store, trade, manage and issue digital assets quickly and securely. The price range at the beginning of the week was more than two hundred thousand rupiahs. Price Prediction: Polka-dot and Ethereum Movements in Recent Months

The Polkadot (DOT) crypto asset has shown a price increase that has occurred and is predicted from last week and will continue into this week. Polkadot here means a heterogeneous multichain exchange which is alternative data security and privacy solution.

It is also a translation architecture that allows customized sidechains to be linked to public blockchains. The price prediction range at the beginning of the week rose by almost twenty thousand rupiahs to 360 thousand rupiahs.

Ethereum (ETH) is signalling gains for the week. Previously, the price movement of ETH, which is also the coin with the second-largest market capitalization, tended to be stuck or sideways. Ethereum itself is often considered a pioneer and pioneer of a new ecosystem in the blockchain world.

For information, last month, the price of Ethereum had risen to its highest point (ATH) of almost 63 million rupiahs. However, the price has dropped considerably, which is in the price range of IDR39 million to IDR40 million.

In investing, money management, risk analysis, and technical analysis are critical. All the world’s great investors master it. In addition, price prediction can also help you in planning steps.