Best Site for Crypto Trading and Investment

Queconomics – Bitcoin investment is very popular today and therefore you can find the best site for crypto trading. But how does a newbie exactly get started? Is there must be Bitcoin to be invested?

Or you might imagine that you can transfer money somewhere so that it can be converted into Bitcoin. These trading sites are the answer.

Going forward, the term “BTC” will be used as the symbol of bitcoin on trading and exchanges platforms where you can buy tokens such as BTC. Here are the three top lists of crypto trading sites for you.

Best Site for Crypto Trading

This list can be referenced for you. These three sites are among the popular sites used by traders. But there is still another best site for crypto you can choose that also provides the best services.

1.      Coinbase

Today, the most popular platform for crypto exchange is Coinbase. You can do direct investment with USD with this. Currently, you can purchase Litecoin, Etherum, and BTC, and 30+ other tokens and coins on this platform.

Moreover, you will get interest on your USDT. If you complete various activities, you can get token rewards. Your Coinbase account can be linked to a credit card or bank account. You can buy BTC by transferring funds from your bank or using your credit card but it will be more expensive.

2.      Gemini

Gemini focuses on the transparency and security that make it among popular crypto trading sites. This is not a vulnerable site. It gives strong protection for their customers.

Gemini offers USD deposits with very strong FDIC protection. And now, they are also supporting DOGE. When you open an account on this platform and deposit $100, you will receive a $10 bonus.

3.      BlockFi

In this platform, you will be allowed to earn interest and lend on your holdings. Moreover, instead of selling your tokens and coins, you are allowed to borrow from your holdings.

If you prefer to hold your tokens, you can just let them generate interest for you. This platform will give you up to a $250 bonus when you deposit $25 and keep it for a set period of time.

There are a lot of factors that can be considered before you choose a platform. The ease of use, security, availability of coins to trade, and fees should influence your decision.

If you just want to get high returns with crypto, the crypto savings account can be considered. This account gives profit like using best site for crypto trading and it pays out up to 12%.